Who is Funky String Art?

Welcome to Funky String Art!

My name is Laurie O'Garro, and I am a former school teacher from London, England.  I love sharing a craft I learned as a child,  and use my teaching skills to teach children to create some complicated-looking patterns.  My version of string art - sewing on card - is one that is rarely seen, at least in the UK. 

How I got started

In 2014, I rediscovered the drawing of parabolic curves, a craft I learned as a child at primary school.  Parabolic curves are created when you join straight lines.  I took this one step further and started sewing designs on to card. Using this principle, I began to make cards for the pupils I worked with in school.

Each one teach one

I wanted to share this craft with other children, and as soon as I could, I started running craft clubs, after school and at lunch time. This in turn led to demonstrations, weekend classes for adults and holiday events for children, playdates and birthday parties.

I love creating string art based on symbols and images that I'm interested in and that reflect my identity as a Caribbean heritage woman living in a multicultural society. This is why I've put my signature designs - the raised fist and the woman in a headwrap on my introductory products. Most of my work comprises geometric designs.

In 2020, after the idea had floated in and out of my mind, I decided to open an online shop so that more people could enjoy what I do. 

I'm hooked on string art. I hope you will be, too.